Despite the ubiquity and nearly non-stop new versions of increasingly sophisticated technology, there are unfortunately no short-cuts to successful human resources selection. It always has been and will continue to be a painstakingly methodical and deliberative process. That said, Robert G. Godfrey Associates leverages all avenues along the technological continuum to identify and recruit the best prospective candidates for the defined needs.

Scope Of Services

Step 1

Based on your input, we will prepare a comprehensive, detailed draft position specification (or modify it if one already exists) for review and comment by all who will be involved in the search. The "spec'' will discuss the organization, the position to be filled, and the type of individual being sought.

Step 2

In collaboration with the Search Committee, we will develop the search strategy, including the research and target list of organizations in which we can logically expect the successful candidate to be employed currently. Besides this original, targeted research and a robust database, all other available candidate sources are tapped and mined simultaneously, to ensure the maximum number of the best prospects: personal networking, the Internet, and outplacement firms.

Step 3

With the job description finalized and the target list approved, we will begin to call both sources and prospects, thus generating an extensive network. We try to never divulge the identity of our client until we feel a candidate is both interested in and qualified for the position.

Step 4

As promising candidates are identified, we conduct extensive personal interviews to develop an insight into the individuals’ business experience and personal characteristics. Throughout this process we will be your sole representative and will interview all candidates, regardless of their source, in order to provide consistency from start to finish and, of course, to minimize your time and involvement.

Step 5

Typically we would select three to five finalists from the field to present to you. The most likely prospects would be introduced to you in the form of a written report, supplying professional experience and background information, plus our analysis of the person's capabilities and character together with reference material available to that point.

Step 6

We would then arrange for prospective and qualified candidates to meet with you. We will coordinate these interviews and manage all aspects of both the client and the candidate feedback process.

Step 7

We then conduct the remaining reference checks, including degree verification, in accordance with your established practices, or, alternatively, conduct them in accordance with Robert G. Godfrey Associates’ established procedures. Written summaries will be provided if requested.

Step 8

From the candidates submitted for consideration, you should be able to make a choice for the position. We play an active role in the negotiation of an offer and in closing. We have found that our broad-based experience and independent perspective can have a significant bearing on the acceptance of a final offer.

Step 9

After an individual has been engaged for the position, we do not feel that our professional responsibility to our client or to the individual has ended. Accordingly, we follow up regarding the progress of the individual at appropriate times within the first few months of employment and again at the end of the first year of service. We have found that this program has been most helpful and constructive to all parties concerned.

Step 10

As a by-product of the search process, market data regarding compensation packages, client perception, and other matters will be recorded and communicated to you systematically and comprehensively. On an ongoing basis, we will communicate search progress and status and any recommendations for ‘‘course correction" as necessary.

Should any candidate recruited by Robert G. Godfrey Associates leave your organization within the first year of employment he or she will be replaced at no additional charge except expenses, if any.