Why It's Valuable


Because we are your personal representatives in the executive and management marketplace, we believe you should assess our firm's ability, integrity, motivation, and approach based not on generalities and assertions but on specific, real case histories illustrating what we have done and how clients have benefited.

A shared perspective:

Having been clients ourselves, and retained other professionals, we understand the qualification and selection process.

Accelerated completion:

In a majority of cases, successful candidates have historically been the first ones identified in the total field of prospective candidates presented.

Track record of longevity:

Not only have our firm's successful candidates tended to remain with their new employers, but they also have been promoted. We are not aware of a single instance in which our placement has left within the first year of employment.

A comprehensive evaluation of candidates:

In the final stages of a search for a market research professional, all references provided by the candidate were checked. One of them referred us to another reference, which commented negatively about the candidate's business ethics. An alternative candidate was offered the position.

Alternative approaches to traditional executive search:

One example involved extensive “on-site" consulting, resulting in the recruitment of over 250 employees. Another strategy required building a client company's  "brand awareness" in the marketplace to create and fill a pipeline of candidates.

Flexible fees:

Our fee arrangements, designed to meet client requirements, are either retainer, flat or fixed, incentive-based, hourly, or some combination of these. Need analysis and search methodology will suggest the applicable fee structure.